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each month we travel around Birmingham to let you know the best bars and restaurants to visit, where to get the best espresso, adrenalin fuelled places to let your hair down, what events are happening, unique sights to visit, the best independent shops to mooch around ....and if that's not enough, we even have a bunch of reviews and micro-articles on subjects such as health, well-being, business, lifestyle, design and fashion ...all from industry leaders! ...first edition out in may!

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robby anthony lee

founder: creative director and designer


After a successful career in the fitness and well-being industries, robby decided to take his business experience and knowledge, along with his design and psychological qualifications and launch follow the rojo; a creative studio offering marketing and branding, ux design and consultancy.


Busy with his studio, consultancy clients and public speaking (motivational self-development), robby sat on the idea of 'be in birmingham' for around a year, quietly searching for the right driven (and eccentric) person to help get it off the ground and  make it a success......


When robby isn't working, he will most likely be found in a coffee shop, chilling at the beach, climbing around a forest with his daughters (probably still drinking coffee), or helping humanitarian causes he feels passionately about.


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maygen jacques

co-founder: head of advertising & reviews


With an education background in psychology, maygen first moved into headhunting and found a knack for sales, before heading into marketing where she found a flare for writing content. She's been a collumnist, a reviewer, a blogger and a copywriter. She loves all things digital, with a passion for social media and email marketing.


Maygen is excited to collaborate with a like-minded creative with a brain or business, on this fantastic publication.


When she's not behind a laptop you'll find her flinging herself over and under obstacles on mud races, or walking great distances for charity.  Locally, she visits the laid back venues of Kings Heath and Mosley (dog under one arm, partner under the other), unless exploring Europe for the weirdest things to do and the quirkiest bars to drink in.


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we are currently looking for writers!


if you can write micro-articles of around 250 words that other people will find helpful and informative (fitness, nutrition, fashion, design, etc) then please get in touch (sending an example article in your email) .

fancy advertising your business?


we have a unique demographic of mostly 25-45 year-olds who work hard and play hard in Birmingham, who would love to hear about the products or services you have to offer.  ask us for a media pack today!

all delivered, for free, direct to your mailbox every month!

first edition out in May!!

first edition out in May!!

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